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Web Designs

Description: Some examples of some site designs I did when I was in a web design class.

Languages used: HTML, CSS
C++ Projects

Description: The second half of my undergraduate career started shifting over more towards C++ (and openGL). I did a group project where we made a 3D game, and also started my own 3D game in my free time.

Languages used: C++
The FabFlixs Project

Description: A movie-selling website that my partner and I worked on for a database management class

Languages used: Javascript (JQuery), PHP, SQL (Mysql and Postgres)

Description: I've used various web forums before and I wanted to try something new. I had always wondered what it would be like to have a completely AJAX message board so I made this over a recent summer break. I made this before I ever knew JQuery existed, so the way it was written was horribly inefficient, but it worked.

Languages used: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL
Flash Games/Animations

Description: I played Flash games and watched Flash animations all the time on the web so I decided to start learning it myself so I can make my own games and animations. I ended up focusing more on the game programming area of Flash.

Languages used: Actionscript 2.0, Actionscript 3.0
Tennis AI Game

Description: I took an AI project class awhile ago and attempted to implement some reinforcement learning AI in a Flash tennis game.

Languages used: Actionscript 3.0

Description: I wanted to create some kind of method for people to draw a picture and have it viewable by other people. There were probably more efficient ways to do this than storing each pixel in a database and using Javascript to update the image in real-time, but it was all I knew at the time.

Languages used: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL
VideoGame Database

Description: I took this data management class about a year ago and our final project was to create some database-driven application. I decided to do a videogame database.

Languages used: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL

Description: I wanted some sort of blog page but I didn't want to have a generic page from some popular blog site so I made my own personal web-journal application.

Languages used: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL
Art Generator

Description: I heard about PHP having an image library so I decided to experiment with it a bit. The result is this little application that draws a bunch of random shapes. It kind of looks like abstract art.

Languages used: PHP, Javascript

Description: I had to learn photoshop for the various graphics around this site. I also did some other transformations (mainly between animals) in my free time.

About Me

Hello. My name is Dustin Aguilar and I am a recent graduate from University of California, Irvine with a BS degree in Information and Computer Science. I went into college with little to no prior experience in this field, all I knew was that I wanted to work with computers.

After going through my first year and being introduced to programming in Java I didnt really feel satisfied with what I learned (mainly because it was all new to me and I wasnt very good at it). The summer after freshman year I took it upon myself to the various other programming domains, starting with web programming. I learned HTML, and CSS so I could build my own web pages and then jumped into PHP and MYSQL and started some mini-projects. I picked up Javascript along the way and eventually made my way into Flash where I learned some Actionscript. More recently I've started getting into C++. I took a graphics course where I learned a bit of OpenGL and have since worked a few fairly involved personal projects that utilize 3D graphics.

I was actually really into C++ and openGL for awhile, but I found it hard to continue on with it as my coursework was steering me in other directions. Now I'm looking to get back into web programming to learn about all the new technologies available (like JQuery) and also because I want to start making stuff with Flash again.

I'm not an expert in any of these domains but I've taught myself enough to be able to create whatever comes to mind. Learning all these different languages helped cement programming concepts I had been struggling with during my first year. This site is here to to showcase the various projects I've worked on while learning these various areas of programming.

Contact Info

Name: Dustin Aguilar
E-Mail: dust.aguilar@gmail.com